In this module we will explore the religious phenomenon on virtual communities and social networks, the impact of social media on interfaith dialogue, its achievements and challenges, and the relevance of interfaith dialogue to create a truly multicultural society. In these days technologies should be seen as forms of life and not just tools, because they are becoming increasingly relevant in our everyday life.

We will discuss whether or not interreligious dialogue can benefit from an intelligent and positive use of Internet.  Are there any potential benefits of using Internet in the interfaith dialogue? Are there drawbacks as well? Is Internet demystifying religion? Has the notion of mysterious silence on the part of religious institutions become outmoded? We will also examine why Internet dialogue is important for congregations

We will also study how technology-mediated communications can promote understanding, particularly in social networks and virtual communities. Even though the topics of virtual communities are frequently superficial and taken from everyday life, can they add value to our living experience? Should we pay attention to the importance attributed to virtual dialogue by people? Could Internet be a relevant element of the religious experience? These are some of the main questions we will address in this module.

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